Miss Rodeo Canada is a non-profit organization which runs on the donations of sponsors. To keep our organization running, we need your assistance in continuing the legacy of Miss Rodeo Canada. We look to you for support! Our funds are limited and our organization's effort in keeping the western traditions alive through the sport of rodeo is up to you! Thousands of miles and numerous hours are spent by Miss Rodeo Canada in the quest to keep the sport of rodeo alive.


The Miss Rodeo Canada organization seeks scholarship monies to create a scholarship foundation for future Miss Rodeo Canada's. Being able to assist these hard working ladies in their future endeavours are Miss Rodeo Canada does not draw a paycheque, and therefore we wish to build a scholarship fund to assist her and thank her for a year of service. Email: president2017@missrodeocanada.ca for more information.


The Miss Rodeo Canada Organization wishes to thank its sponsors for their support. It is through the generous support of the businesses featured below that the Miss Rodeo Canada pageant and organization is possible. The Miss Rodeo Canada organization and its contestants greatly appreciate the commitment made by our sponsors every year.

Be sure to visit our sponsors websites and or stores!

Sponsorship Package and Information

Are you wishing to expand your exposure within the western community and garner national exposure and publicity for your company? Then let us introduce you to the Miss Rodeo Canada pageant and the sponsorship opportunities available. The Miss Rodeo Canada organization has sponsorship packages detailing benefits and prices. We can also tailor sponsorship packages to meet your individual requirements. 

For further information, contact president2017@missrodeocanada.ca for more information.




Insight Insurance & Risk ManagementFor the past few years, Alexis Harke and her team at Insight Insurance & Risk Management Ltd. have sponsored a scholarship for each of our Miss Rodeo Canada contestants. This year, each contestant received a $1,000 scholarship. We wish to thank Ms. Harke and Insight Insurance and Risk Management for their valuable contribution to the program and women's studies.

This wonderful organization also supplied Miss Rodeo Canada 2016, Samantha Stokes, with all her university textbooks this year, as she carried on her education studies.

Thank you, Alexis Harke and Insight Insurance & Risk Management Ltd. for all you do for the Miss Rodeo Canada program!


Sponsorship - Miss Rodeo Canada Silent Auction Fundraiser - May 6, 2016

Miss Rodeo Canada wishes to thank all of our sponsors for the donations to the Miss Rodeo Canada Silent Auction fundraiser on May 6, 2016! Thank you to 840 CFCW and River Cree Resort & Casino for hosting this event!



Photo by Ian Neill Photography

Photo by Ian Neill Photography

Boots - Sponsored by Tin Haul (Jim Nevada). Purchase these boots at Welsh's Saddlery and Western Wear



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Major Sponsors


Chateau Lacombe Hotel

  Chateau Lacombe Hotel
The Chateau Lacombe Hotel is the Official Host Hotel for the Miss Rodeo Canada 2017 Pageant. Be sure to book this hotel due to its proximity to the Canadian Finals Rodeo for its excellent service and its wonderful staff!

Web: www.chateaulacombe.com | Photo Gallery |

Facebook: Chateau Lacombe Hotel on Facebook

Twitter: Chateau Lacombe on Twitter


ATB Financial

  ATB Financial
ATB Financial is excited to be a partner with Miss Rodeo Canada for the next three years!

Web: www.atb.com

Facebook: ATB Financial on Facebook

Twitter: ATB Financial on Twitter





790 CFCW


  840 CFCW
For over 40 years the folks at CFCW have had a helping hand in the Miss Rodeo Canada organization. CFCW has sponsored Miss Rodeo Canada, interviewed our contestants and reigning queen and invited us to many events which benefit the organization. Thank you CFCW!

Web: http://www.cfcw.com | Photo Gallery |

Facebook: CFCW on Facebook

Twitter: CFCW on Twitter




Ram Dodge

Our Miss Rodeo Canada would not be able to travel in style without the wonderful sponsorship of Dodge Ram Trucks. RAM sponsors a 2014 Dodge 1500 Longhorn for our Miss Rodeo Canada!

Web: www.ramtruck.ca | Photo Gallery |

Facebook: Londonderry Dodge Chrysler on Facebook

Twitter: Londonderry Dodge Chrysler on Twitter





Our Miss Rodeo Canada wears her Wrangler clothing proudly! Miss Rodeo Canada is always wearing the latest Wrangler fashions sponsored by Wrangler!

Web: www.wrangler.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com

Twitter: Wrangler on Twitter





Stetson outfits our Miss Rodeo Canada in the latest fashions as well as boots!

Web: www.stetson.com

Facebook: Stetson on Facebook

Twitter: Stetson on Twitter



Tin Haul

  Tin Haul
If you are wondering what those fancy cowboy boots are that Miss Rodeo Canada boots is wearing -- it's likely a pair of Tin Haul boots! Tin Haul is a major boot sponsor for our Miss Rodeo Canada!

Web: www.tinhaul.com

Facebook: Tin Haul on Facebook

Twitter: Tin Haul on Twitter




You can be sure that our Miss Rodeo Canada is looking her best in her Roper wear. Roper outfits our Miss Rodeo Canada in the latest fashions and boots!

Web: www.eroper.com

Facebook: Roper on Facebook

Twitter: Roper on Twitter



Global Edmonton


Global Edmonton
Global Edmonton is one of the first to interview our Miss Rodeo Canada winners and showcase her throughout the year!

Web: www.globaltvedmonton.com| Photo Gallery |





Northlands is host to many of our Miss Rodeo Canada functions. Our horsemanship competition in the Expo Centre and the Crowning Announcement at the Canadian Finals Rodeo each November!

Web: www.northlands.com | MRC Northlands |

Facebook: Northlands on Facebook

Twitter: Northlands on Twitter


Insight Insurance & Risk Management

  Insight Insurance & Risk Management
Insight Insurance & Risk Management sponsored scholarships for the 2017 pageant contestants. They also look after our Miss Rodeo Canada insurance needs! Thank you Alexis Harke and Insight Insurance and Risk Management!

Web: http://insightinsurance.ca/







Nicole Marie Photography & Design


Nicole Marie Photography Co.
We wish to thank Nicole Templeton for her wonderful photographs taken during the Miss Rodeo Canada 2016 pageant.

Web: Nicole Marie Photography

Photo Gallery: Miss Rodeo Canada 2017 photographs

Photo Gallery: Miss Rodeo Canada 2016 photographs

Facebook: Nicole Marie Photography on Facebook


Silver Rule
Program Sponsors





Home Style Construction Ltd.

  CVS Controls
We wish to thank CVS Controls for their sponsorship of Miss Rodeo Canada in 2016! CVS Controls Ltd. has always been a big supporter of rodeo!

Web: CVS Controls Ltd.


Smithbilt Hats

  Smithbilt Hats Inc..
You will only see Miss Rodeo Canada sporting a Smithbilt Hat! Their custom made hats are made to fit you perfectly! Thank you for your many years of sponsorship, supplying our First Lady of the Rodeo with only the best cowgirl hats!

Web: www.smithbilthats.com





Cowan Imaging Group
Cowan Imaging Group does the amazing truck wraps for the Miss Rodeo Canada vehicoles. Thank you Cowan Imaging Group!

Web: www.cowan.ca



Montana Silversmiths

  Montana Silversmiths
Our Miss Rodeo Canada's jewelry has always been provided by Montana Silversmiths! In 2012 Montana Silversmith designed, created and supplied the New Miss Rodeo Canada crown! For many years Montana Silversmiths has designed and sponsored the Miss Rodeo Canada buckles for our newly crowned Queen!

Web: www.montanasilversmiths.com



Bar C5 Ranch

  Bar C5 Rodeo
Vern MacDonald, Owner of Bar C-5 Ranch is sponsoring the Miss Rodeo Canada Saddle for 2017! Bar C-5 is a livestock contractor for many of the pro-rodeos in Canada and the United States! Thank you Mr. MacDonald!

Web: http://www.barc5.com


CK Leather


Frontier Western Shop

Miss Rodeo Canada wishes to thank Frontier Western Shop for their workmanship and design of the Miss Rodeo Canada 2016 saddle.







Spur Sponsor


Dominic Valine Spurs & Silver
Miss Rodeo Canada wishes to thank Dominic Valine for his wonderful spur sponsorship for Miss Rodeo Canada 2017!

Facebook: Dominic Valine Spurs & Silver - View the spurs here!



Wrangler NFR - Meal Sponsor


Buffalo Agencies Ltd. | The Co-operators
Miss Rodeo Canada wishes to thank Linda Nanias with Buffalo Agencies Ltd. Miss Rodeo Canada 2017's meals will be sponsored by this wonderful organization at the Wrangler National Finals in Las Vegas.

Website: www.cooperators.ca

Soho Hair Fashion Canada Ltd.  

SOHO Hair Fashion Canada Ltd.

Miss Rodeo Canada 2017 will keep you informed on social media with her new iPhone 6s thanks to SOHO Hair Fashion Canada Ltd. Miss Rodeo Canada 2017's phone will have a Wireless Plan of unlimited Voice, Canadian L/D and Texting and Messaging with up to 5 Gb of Data! Thank you SOHO Hair Fashion Canada Ltd. for keeping our First Lady of Rodeo connected via social media!

Facebook: SOHO Hair Fashion Canada Ltd.

Priority Printing  

Priority Printing

Miss Rodeo Canada wishes to thank Priority Printing for the printing of the Miss Rodeo Canada 2017 Contestant Autograph Cards and Miss Rodeo Canada 2017's autograph cards.

Website: http://www.priorityprinting.ca








Miss Rodeo Canada wishes to thank the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association for Miss Rodeo Canada 2017's leather jacket and for the annual CPRA membership and benefits. Get all your rodeo information from the CPRA website!

Website: http://www.rodeocanada.com/


Welsh's Saddlery & Western Wear


Welsh's Saddlery and Western Wear
We wish to thank Welsh's Saddlery and Western Wear for their annual sponsorship of clothing for the Miss Rodeo Canada pageant - horsemanship competition! Welsh's also worked with Miss Rodeo Canada for fundraising efforts in 2016 and Pageant prizes too!

Website: http://www.welshs.ca/


Fatal Exceptions Inc.


Fatal Exceptions Inc.
We wish to thank Fatal Exceptions Inc. for hosting our Miss Rodeo Canada website! Be sure to contact Fatal Exceptions for your web hosting needs!

Website: http://www.fatalexceptionsinc.com/



CK Leather


CK Leather
Miss Rodeo Canada wishes to thank CK Leather (Keena Chausse) for her sponsorship and time in preparing the Miss Rodeo Canada's 2017 chaps. Ms. Chausse designed Miss Rodeo Canada 2008 and 2009's chaps in the past! You can see her designs on Miss Rodeo Canada as our first lady of the rodeo wears them at every rodeo!


Red Velvet Hair & Body Boutique Inc.  


Thank you to Red Velvet Hair & Body Bar in Medicine Hat for their hair cuts and styling sponsorship for Miss Rodeo Canada 2017!

Website: http://redvelvethairandbody.com/


Dr. Don Smith, Chiropractic Centre  


Miss Rodeo Canada 2017 will be provided with Chiropractic Services through Dr. Don Smith at the Chiropractic Centre! Thank you for keeping our Miss Rodeo Canada 2017 in good health!

Website: http://www.rodeodoc.com/site/contact-us


CK Leather


Dom St. Amand Announcing

Miss Rodeo Canada is pleased to have Dom St. Amand acting as the official MC of the Miss Rodeo Canada 2017 Pageant. Be sure to visit his facebook page at: Dom St. Amand Announcing

Master of Ceremonies Sponsors:
Sunsational Decks: Website: http://www.sunsationaldecks.com 

Ashly Cabinets: Website: www.ashlycw.com



Miss Rodeo Canada promotes the education of all our contestants and winners of the event categories. We wish to thank our Miss Rodeo Canada 2017 Pageant Supporters who sponsored our contestants and reigning Miss Rodeo Canada 2016!

Insight Insurance and Risk Management  


A big thank you goes to Alexis Harke at Insight Insurance and Risk Management for the 2017 bursaries for each of the Miss Rodeo Canada 2017 contestants.

Website: http://insightinsurance.ca/


MRC Alumni  


The Miss Rodeo Canada Board Alumni have sponsored a bursary to the the "Miss Runner Up" contestant at the Miss Rodeo Canada 2017 Pageant! Thank you to these wonderful ladies! Visit information on the Miss Rodeo Canada Alumni here.


Innisfail Pro Rodeo  


The Innisfail Pro-Rodeo is giving each winner of the Events a scholarship at the Miss Rodeo Canada 2017 Pageant. Thank you to Innisfail Pro-Rodeo for their sponsorship of the Miss Rodeo Canada program!

Website: http://www.innisfailprorodeo.com/









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Pageant Supporters

840 CFCW
Alberta Cinch 
Alberta Dodge RAM
Alberta Equestrian Federation
Archer Monograms / Facebook
Awards Unlimited
Bar C5 Rodeo
BB Clothing Boutique
Big Lakes Dodge
Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine
Chateau Lacombe Hotel
Chianti's Edmonton
CK Leather
Classic Rodeo Boutique - Audi Roy
Cowan Imaging Group
Country West Supply  
Coyote Designs - Sheri Laye
CVS Controls Ltd.
Country Junction Travel - Denise Briggs
Diamond N Western Wear
Dominic's Spurs & Silver
Edmonton Tourism
Fatal Exceptions Website Hosting
Fellowship of Christian Cowboys
Frontier Western Shop
Funky Petals - St. Albert
Global TV - Edmonton
Greystone Images
Greywolf Metal Art
Keddie's Tack & Western Wear
Ian Neill Photography
Innisfail Pro-Rodeo
Insight Insurance & Risk Mgt. Ltd.
JK Apparel Okotoks

Jones Boys Saddlery & Western Wear
Kactus Western Wear
Lynes Custom Cowboy Co.
Medicine Hat Sport Medicine Team
M. Szabo Photography 
Montana Silversmiths
Nicole Marie Photography Co.
Northlands / Facebook
Nicole Marie Photography
Park Lane Jewelry
Pegasus Equine Products
Pizza 73
Prairie Wolf Western Wear
Pursue Victory
Ranch Dressing
Renegade Ranchgirls
Robert B. White, Q.C. & Company

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Smithbilt Hats
Sherri Belcham - Designer
Sinclair Law Office
SweetIron Silver
The Dusty Road Boutique  / FB
The Pint
Tin Haul
The Old Spagetti Factory
The Pint
Tim Hortons
Vionne Kading
Welsh’s Western Wear /Facebook
Western Outfitters



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Australian Sponsors

Town of Port Douglas
The Hibiscus Resort & Spa
Quick Silver Great Barrier Reef Tour
Kangaroo & Koala Wildlife Habitat
Miss Rodeo Australia

Marrabel Pro Rodeo Association
Southern Cross Rodeo Circuit
Warwick Pro Rodeo Association


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