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The Pageant


Hello rodeo fans! Our Miss Rodeo Canada 2018 pageant has begun! Applications for the 2018 MRC Pageant are due Thursday, August 31st, 2017.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - Hall D - Edmonton Expo Centre - 10:00 a.m.

Horsemanship will take place in Hall D on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend! Tickets are $10/person and are available at the door. Come and watch as our contestants are tested on patterns, a flag ride and a presentation lap.

Public Speaking:

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - Chateau Lacombe Hotel

The Miss Rodeo Canada Public Speaking competition will take place at the Chateau Lacombe Hotel. The event will begin exactly at 4:00 p.m. The public is welcome to attend! Tickets are $10/person and are available at the door. Come and watch as our contestants are judged on their public speaking skills.

Fashion Show:

Friday, November 10, 2017 - 10:30 a.m. - Westin Hotel, Edmonton

Fashion Show Tickets are now on sale! If you wish to purchase a ticket to the Miss Rodeo Canada modeling event - you will have to get your tickets now - visit to purchase tickets. This event sells out fast!

Crowning Ceremony:

Friday, November 10, 2017

Tickets to see the Crowning in the Dirt during the CFR can be purchased through TicketMaster.

Our Miss Rodeo Canada Crowning Ceremony and Awards presentation takes place at our Official Host Hotel - the Chateau Lacombe Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta.

Attend the Crowning Ceremony as we present awards to our contestants in the Horsemanship, Public Speaking, Modeling, Personal Interview and Written Exam events and so much more! Meet our newly crowned Miss Rodeo Canada 2018. Hear  Miss Rodeo Australia and Miss Rodeo Canada discuss their year of travel! Tickets are only $10.00/person. Tickets are available at the door.

Chateau Lacombe Hotel Website:

Further information will be posted as it becomes available. Information on what the pageant events are about is found below.

The Miss Rodeo Canada Competition

Samantha Stokes

The rewards for competing in the Miss Rodeo Canada Pageant are substantial.  Each participant has the opportunity to garner one of the richest experiences of her life and at the same time create a solid foundation for her future endeavors.  Lifelong friendships are made and many doors are opened to all participants. During the week of the competition, pageant participants are judged but not restricted to the following categories:

Public Speaking
Personal Interview
Rodeo Knowledge - Exam
Overall Personality, Poise and Maturity

Your personal initiative is welcomed and may the completion of your application be rewarded with the opportunity to participate in this year’s Miss Rodeo Canada Pageant.

Scoring the Pageant

The scoring system for the pageant events is as follows:

Photo Gallery

Miss Rodeo Canada Application


Please note that all applications must be RECEIVED by the stated deadline (Thursday, August 31st, 2017.).

Miss Rodeo Canada 2018 Pageant Program

Miss Rodeo Canada prints a pageant program each year to showcase it's current Miss Rodeo Canada, its contestants, judges, and supporters and sponsors. The pageant program is a fundraiser for Miss Rodeo Canada and is available at the MRC Pageant.

If you would like to be a sponsor for the MRC 2018 pageant, be sure to contact Sheona Lucas at

Miss Rodeo Canada - Alumni

For over 50 years, the Miss Rodeo Canada Pageant has crowned a special young woman to be Miss Rodeo Canada. You will find a list, photos, and history of each of these young ladies on our Alumni page.


The Miss Rodeo Canada would like to thank its beautiful ladies for competing in the Miss Rodeo Canada Pageant. The contestants did an amazing job and should be proud of all their accomplishments! There have been numerous contestants who have competed in this wonderful pageant and we wish to acknowledge these young ladies - be sure to visit our Contestants page.

View past contestant photos and biographies here.


Miss Rodeo Canada applicants must submit an application to the MRC Committee to enter the pageant. A copy of the application can be found above. The most current application is always posted online nearer to the competition date.

Expectations / Overall Personality, Poise and Maturity
Intelligence and common sense are a big factor in the personality division.  Education and conversational ability in such topics as professional rodeo, current events and other areas are vital.  The applicant should radiate self-confidence and display maturity, high moral standards, sincerity and integrity.  Miss Rodeo Canada Pageant participants should have the ability to project their personality, whether it is from horseback in an arena, on television promoting rodeo and our western heritage, or before an audience.  Also considered are a sense of humor, showmanship, ambition, desire, enthusiasm and a happy outlook on life in general.

All Miss Rodeo Canada title holders must have at least a High School Education.

Public Speaking
Miss Rodeo Canada must be a good public speaker as she will be required to speak at over 500 events. The Judges place special emphasis on grammar and enunciation.

Personal Interview
Miss Rodeo Canada contestants are judged in a personal interview. Meeting with judges, she is judged on various questions, personal to rodeo. Her quick thinking and personal attitude at the interview allows the judges to see the character and poise of the young lady. One may be judged on personal appearance at the personal interview - consider it your MRC job interview!

The horsemanship competition is a vital part of the Miss Rodeo Canada Pageant and reign.  Miss Rodeo Canada is introduced during professional rodeo performances, rides in parades and makes countless other appearances where she is expected to ride a horse. Being able to handle any horse is essential.   During the competition, participants draw the 1st horse they will compete on in the horsemanship competition.  They will switch a minimum of 3 times. Past queens have been involved in the following equestrian activities: 4-H, College Rodeo, High School Rodeo, Showing, Jumping, and Reining.

Nicole Briggs - Formal Gown

Appearance / Clothing
For appearance, participants should be aware of what constitutes fashionable western dress and be knowledgeable on current trends in the western wear industry.  Attractiveness includes neatness and cleanliness in every detail.  Meticulous care in general grooming is essential for a participant to be considered for the title of Miss Rodeo Canada.  Pageant participants are responsible for supplying their own personal western attire for all pageant events.

Part of the Miss Rodeo Canada competition includes modeling. Miss Rodeo Canada must handle herself with grace and poise. She will be asked to model in various fashion shows and must be able to model anything from western wear to bridal dresses.

Rodeo Knowledge
Miss Rodeo Canada will be asked many questions in her travels about the sport of rodeo. She should be familiar with the latest Pro-Rodeo Canada (CPRA), rule book, as well as any CPRA rule changes that may come into effect. A good understanding of the sport, its athletes (including animals) and the location of its pro rodeos in Canada is a must. Miss Rodeo Canada must also be up to date on rodeo's current leaders, as well as current events.

Pro Rodeo Title
Pro-rodeo queens needed to hold a pro rodeo queen title to compete for the title of Miss Rodeo Canada. Some of Alberta's pro-rodeo queen's who have run were from Bonnyville, Okotoks, Airdrie, Sundre, Ponoka, Jasper, Grande Prairie, Hanna, Taber, Medicine Hat, Williams Lake, Maple Creek – Saskatchewan, and TeePee Creek.

Miss Rodeo Canada will only accept applications from the following association:

Therefore, the following rodeo queen titles do not qualify as a contestant to run for Miss Rodeo Canada:

Pageant Seminars

2016 Queen Clinic: The 2016 Miss Rodeo Canada Alumni Seminar is being held in Olds, Alberta on May 13-15, 2016. Contact Kirsten Johnson for more information! This year, queen committee representatives are invited to attend!

2015 Queen Clinic: One of the best ways to learn about becoming a rodeo queen is to attend a rodeo queen clinic. The Miss Rodeo Canada Alumni ladies were excited to host their 2nd Annual Pageant Seminar! The seminar took place in Airdrie, AB on May 22-24, 2015. For any young girl who is asipiring to become a rodeo queen or plans to run for a national title, attending this clinic is an amazing opportunity to learn all you need to know from former Miss Rodeo Canada's as well as other members of our organization and rodeo family. Please email the clinic coordinator, Kirsten Johnson, for future information or to get your registration form. Visit our Photo Gallery for photos! Facebook information can be found here:

2014 Queen Clinic: The 1st annual Miss Rodeo Canada Queen Clinic covered all pageant components and included a series of special guest speakers, including many of our Miss Rodeo Canada Alumni! The MRC organization wishes to thank our special guest speakers who included Sara Rutley (Energy Equine Therapy), Ted Stovin (Smithbilt Hats), Justine Gardner (Arbonne Independent Consultant & District Manager ), Jim Nevada (Roper, Tin Haul, Stetson), and Brandon Thome (Prairie Therapy). We would like to thank Thorlakson Feedyards Inc. for their support in providing their facility, along with the Bull Pen in Airdrie, Alberta for hosting the horsemanship portion of the seminar, and for Arleta Bowhay (MRC 2012) in her role as clinician for the horsemanship portion.

Social Media
Miss Rodeo Canada is currently on-line with social media! She will twitter and post comments to the Miss Rodeo Canada Facebook page at and concluding each appearance. A good understanding of how to use facebook, twitter and instagram will be required.

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