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Miss Phyllis Backs, Miss Rodeo Canada 1959The Miss Rodeo Canada organization is committed to selecting a special young lady to represent the sport of rodeo and to keep the western heritage alive. Our Miss Rodeo Canada is not only a representative for the sport of rodeo, she is a a horsewoman, a volunteer, an organizer, a public speaker and an educator.

Currently, Miss Rodeo Canada travels many miles in her year, appearing at between 400-500 events. She not only attends rodeos, but attends many community events, such as schools and hospitals, educating the public and entertaining young children.

Miss Rodeo Canada is an ambassador for her country and is a beautiful, well-spoken young woman who acts on behalf of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association and the Pro-Rodeo Cowboys Association.

For over 50 years, the Miss Rodeo Canada Pageant has crowned that special young woman and you will find a list, photos, and history of each of these young ladies on our Alumni page.

[Photo - Phyllis Backs, Miss Rodeo Canada 1959]



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Miss Rodeo Canada - The Early Years

Rodeo queens have been around for many decades, appearing as early as 1910 at the Pendleton Round-Up in Oregon, but it was in 1946 when Canada began appointing a representative for its Canadian rodeos. The earliest "Canadian" Rodeo Queen hailed from the Calgary Stampede. It was in 1946 that Miss Patsy Rogers was selected by the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Board to serve as the first Calgary Stampede Queen. Miss Rogers represented the Stampede locally and regionally.

Miss Rodeo Canada, however, is an entirely different title from that given to the Calgary Stampede Queen and Princesses. The Calgary Stampede Queen and Princesses represent the Calgary Stampede, a rodeo which is not a sanctioned CPRA rodeo, but an invitational rodeo. The Calgary Stampede Queen and Princess only represent the Calgary Stampede.

Miss Rodeo Canada, on the other hand, holds the coveted title for all the professional rodeo circuits in Canada. In 1955 Mr. Herman Linder, a rodeo cowboy, announcer, and promoter felt the need to start a Miss Rodeo Canada organization when he saw Miss Rodeo America organize a year earlier. He felt the need to have ladies represent the sport of rodeo, acting as ambassadors and spokespersons in general. Herman got the Southern Alberta Rodeo Circuit (SARC) to endorse a queen contest. He called up some ladies he knew who were skilled horsewomen and who he felt would best represent Canada at a national and international level and soon the Miss Rodeo Canada organization was born. Miss Connie Ivins was crowned the very first Miss Rodeo Canada in 1955.

In the 1960's rodeo queens had to be skilled horsewomen, because they not only held a rodeo queen title, they also actively competed in the rodeo - usually in barrel racing. Miss Rodeo Canada 1978, Jerri Duce, won the barrel racing event at the CFR a total of 9 times and qualified for the NFR 3 times!

In the 1950's rodeo queens were selected by the contestant who could sell the most tickets to the rodeo. Today, we base our selection on the talent of the individual. Miss Rodeo Canada is judged on her poise, personality, public speaking, modeling, rodeo knowledge and horsemanship skills. View more information on our Pageant page.

For further history and stories - be sure to visit our Alumni page where contestants are interviewed about their Miss Rodeo Canada reign! We also feature a former Miss Rodeo Canada on our "Spotlight" page and post photos in our Photo Gallery!



Herman Linders, a rodeo cowboy, rodeo promoter and rodeo announcer began the Miss Rodeo Canada pageant in 1955 after seeing the Miss Rodeo America pageant begin a year earlier. Herman Linders, The Linder Legend, Harald Gunderson, (1996) available on-line at: http://www.ourroots.ca/e/toc.aspx?id=8209 (Miss Rodeo Canada references at pages 84, 133-134)





Many of the professional rodeos across Canada hold queen pageants. Each of these queens then have the opportunity to compete for the coveted Miss Rodeo Canada title.










Miss Rodeo Canada did not wear a crown until the Canadian Finals Rodeo was held in Edmonton in 1975. Miss Rodeo Canada 1976 (Shelly Thacker) was the first to wear a crown. The first crown designed by the Miss Rodeo Canada organization was a maple leaf design. The crown was redesigned a number of times. The shape, design and weight were changed throughout the years. Below are the crowns as worn by several of our first ladies of rodeo!

Sis Thacker, Miss Rodeo Canada 1976

Crown 1



Sis Thacker wore her own personal crown when she was crowned Miss Rodeo Canada 1976. This crown is owned by Sis Thacker and was presented to her when she won the Calgary Stampede Princess title in 1974. As Miss Rodeo Canada did not have a crown the year she won, she wore her Stampede Princess crown. Ms. Thacker is in possession of this crown.

Crown worn by:
Sis Thacker - MRC 1976

Shelley Sodero
Crown 2

Shelley Sodero is wearing the Miss Rodeo Canada maple leaf crown created in1981/82. This was the first official crown of Miss Rodeo Canada and was designed by Simon's Jewelry in Edmonton. The crown was retired in 1988 and a new crown was designed. This crown was returned to Simons Jewelry who owned it. According to interviews, this crown was supposedly melted down.

Crown worn by:

Susan Gittens - MRC 1982
Kate Cornelson - MRC 1983
Susan Hargrave - MRC 1984
Dawn Abbey - MRC 1985
Shelley Sodero - MRC 1986
Kelly Fredell - MRC 1987
Cheryl Robson - MRC 1988



Jennifer Bird
Crown 3

Jennifer Bird, Miss Rodeo Canada 2004 is wearing the full silver and ruby crown. In 1988 the Miss Rodeo Canada organization, along with Montana Silversmiths, designed the silver and ruby encrusted crown. This crown was worn from 1988 to 2005. Jody Bougerolle Brisebois (Miss Rodeo Canada 1997) currently has the crown in her possession.

Crown worn by:

Stacey Soffel - MRC 1989
Rhonda Hartman - MRC 1990
Trisha Kostelansky - MRC 1991
Deedra Lybbert - MRC 1992
Dode Minor - MRC 1993
Wendi Lund - MRC 1994
Susie Turton - MRC 1995
Erin Moore - MRC 1996
Jody Bougerolle - MRC 1997
Brook Robertson - MRC 1998
Karina Tees - MRC 1999
Sheila Tayler - MRC 2000
Andrea Johnston - MRC 2001
Shereen Ziegler - MRC 2002
Shannon McCarthy - MRC 2003
Jennifer Bird - MRC 2004
Christa Lawrence - MRC 2005



Arleta Bowhay
Crown 4



Arleta Bowhay, Miss Rodeo Canada 2012, is wearing the silver and gold crown. This crown was worn between 2006 and 2013. Due to the heaviness of the crown and the wear and tear, it was replaced in 2013.

Crown worn by:

Aleaha More - MRC 2006
Tara Sergerie - MRC 2007
Jenna Berreth - MRC 2008
Aaron Courchesne - MRC 2009
Britteny Foster - MRC 2010
Kezia Morrison - MRC 2011
Arleta Bowhay - MRC 2012

Gillian Shields
Crown 5



The Miss Rodeo Canada and Montana Silversmiths designed a new crown for Miss Rodeo Canada 2013. Gillian Shields is wearing the new black, gold and silver design. This crown was refurbished in 2013 for the Miss Rodeo Canada 2014.

Crown worn by:

Arleta Bowhay - MRC 2012
Gillian Shields - MRC 2013



Nicole Briggs
Crown 6

In late 2013 the Miss Rodeo Canada organizarion decided to refurbish the 2013 crown by removing the black background and changing the color to white. Nicole Briggs is currently wearing the white, red and sliver design which is in use today.

Crown worn by:

Gillian Shields - MRC 2013
Nicole Briggs - MRC 2014
Katy Lucas - MRC 2015
Samantha Stokes - MRC 2016


Princess Crown

Princess Crown

The Princess Crown

In the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 Miss Rodeo Canada was joined by a Miss Rodeo Canada Princess. Miss Kirsten Braumandl (Johnson), Miss Rodeo Canada Princess 2011 is wearing the silver crown with blue stones. Anne Lamers, President, currently has this crown in her possession.

Princess crown worn by:

Tara Slade - MRC Princess 2009
Dana Hansen - MRC Princess 2010
Kirsten Braumandl (Johnson) - MRC Princess 2011







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