Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Question:   Where and when does the crowing of Miss Rodeo Canada take place?

Crowning takes place at the Canadian Finals Rodeo at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta. The rodeo takes place in November of each year.

2. Question:   Can anyone attend the queen pageant events?

We welcome the public to come and cheer on their future Miss Rodeo Canada! Public speaking, horsemanship, and modeling competitions are open to everyone. The written test, and personal interview are closed to the public. (Ticket vary in price - $10.00 and up.) Most tickets can be purchased at the door. Fashion show tickets must be purchased in advanced. Contact our MRC Pageant Co-ordinator for ticket information.

3. Question:   What kind of title do you need to hold to become Miss Rodeo Canada?

Miss Rodeo Canada needs to hold a pro-rodeo title before she can run for Miss Rodeo Canada. Be sure to view our Pageant page. We have a lot of information on the MRC Committee standards from dress to horsemanship. The latest copy of the MRC application is also available on the Pageant page.

4. Question:   Where can I look for information on becoming a rodeo queen?

The internet is a great source of information. Review appearance, public speaking, horsemanship and what a queen pageant entails. The Miss Rodeo Canada organization also holds alumni seminars (queen clinics). Be sure to contact the MRC organization for information on future alumni seminars. Information regarding the queen clinics are also posted on our website and facebook when information becomes available.

5. Question:   I notice rodeo queen's wear very beautiful clothes. Where can I purchase clothing for a queen pageant?

Clothing is a very important part of the rodeo queen pageant. Many past queens put their clothing for sale on-line. Contacting local queens who are always updating their wardrobes is also a good idea. There are also many people who can design outfits for you. A queen's clothes should be made to fit their personality. Although there are standards, many dresses and outfits have been designed by the competitors themselves to fit their personalities!

6. Question:   When competing in the horsemanship series of the pageant, do you ride your own horse?

No. Horses are supplied by the Miss Rodeo Canada organization. You may be required to compete in a flag pattern, reining pattern, as well as a presentation ride.

7. Question:   What rodeos have queen titles?

There are numerous rodeos in Alberta which hold queen pageants. A good source of information can be found on our Rodeo Royalty "Links" page.

8. Question:   What are the Miss Rodeo Canada rules for assisting queen contestants in rodeo pageants?

In May of 2015, MRC voted upon new rules and regulations in terms of how they can assist aspiring rodeo queens. MRC is dedicated in assisting all ladies who are competing for a local or pro-rodeo queen title. However, due to conflicts which may arise and the bias implications that could occur should a contestant need help running for Miss Rodeo Canada, no Director on Miss Rodeo Canada is allowed to coach, mentor or assist in any way any person running for an MRC title.

9. Question:  

How much are tickets to the pageant events and where can I purchase them?


Tickets are only $10.00 and are always available at the door! The public is welcome to watch the Horsemanship, Public Speaking and Crowning Ceremony! Watch our website for pageant dates and times that are posted closer to the competition date.

10. Question:  

Our community is thinking of holding a rodeo royalty pageant, but we would like more information. Who can I contact for information on running a pageant?


Contacting Miss Rodeo Canada is the best way to find out information on running a queen pageant! We have Directors who would be happyt to speak with you and assist you in your rodeo royalty pageant planning! We also hold seminars, and you are welcome to attend - you don't have to be running for a queen title. Rodeo committee directors are welcome!

11. Question:  

Our stampede association is looking to reinstate the professional queen competition again after many years of not having one.  We would like to know if there are any rules and regulations that must be followed as per CPRA regulations. We are currently looking for any information that may help us. 


There are no CPRA regulations for holding a queen pageant. The best way to learn about holding a pageant is to attend the Miss Rodeo Canada Alumni Pageant Seminar each May. Contact Katy Lucas, Alumni President for more information.



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