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Joanne Riou

Joanne Riou
Miss Rodeo Canada 1980










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After my year as Miss Rodeo Canada, I worked as a wrangler and stunt double for John Scott out of Longview, Alberta. I also completed my Emergency Medical Technician training at S.A.I.T. I worked in the field for eight years. This led to a career in nursing, where I currently work in two hospitals in the emergency, acute care and maternity wards.

I have always worked around my horses and maintained the lifestyle with my critters. I raised registered Saler cattle and many horses for different disciplines. In 2003 I started to team rope on the heel end - a sport I began as a teenager and am enjoying again. Mom always said you can never have enough education and I guess I have listened to her words as I continue with my Equine Sciences degree from the University of Guelph.

My greatest contribution to the world is my three children; daughter Jolene and twin boys Cole and Cody. My greatest sadness was losing my Mom to breast cancer. Breast cancer in some way has touched every one of us ... a friend, a relative, a sister, a mother. Finding the cure is my wish for this generation.





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