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Aleaha Moore

Aleaha More
Miss Rodeo Canada 2006

Aleaha More was crowned Miss Rodeo Canada 2006 on November 11, 2005 during the evening performance of he 32nd Canadian Finals Rodeo. Aleaha is the 38th woman to hold this prestigious title.

Twenty-two year old Aleaha hails from Virden, Manitoba and has spent the past three years studying Visual Communications in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She will complete a final work term and graduate with a Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual Communications) upon the completion of her reign as Miss Rodeo Canada. A former Manitoba High School Rodeo Queen, Aleha was proud to represent the historic Medicine Hat Stampede as their 2004 Princess.

As the first lady of Canadian Professional Rodeo, Aleaha will travel throughout Western Canada and into the United States as the official ambassador for the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association working with rodeo committees, stock contractors, sponsors, media and rodeo fans.

"It is an honour to carry the title of Miss Rodeo Canada. As a young girl, I admired Miss Rodeo Canada and I hope to inspire others to reach their dreams just as she has encouraged me to reach mine."

"Across Canada, we embrace the sport of rodeo which is rich in history, heritage and patriotism. It will be with great pride that I carry our Canadian flag and I encourage everyone to take in the fast paced, action-packed thrill ride of professional rodeo."

Aleaha is thrilled to continue the legacy of Miss Rodeo Canada and to follow in the footsteps of those who have come before her. She will wear the title proudly as she represents her country, the sport of rodeo and the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.




Aleaha Moore



This chapter of my life opened and offered me more than I could have imagined, for one year I held the key to unlock any door. Winning this prestigious title did not come easily and I did not do it alone. It took life experiences and the support from my family and friends to become the woman who was capable of winning the crown and able to carry out the responsibilities that came with it.

I have been blessed with parents who taught me what it takes to be successful, who have stood behind me allowing my dreams to grow. Thank you for teaching me to keep my eyes on the stars and my feet in the stirrups! To my friends, your encouragement and love is irreplaceable, thank you for believing in me!

To my hometown of Virden and the Province of Manitoba, I am proud to come from an area that is so rich in equine enthusiasm. Thank you also goes to the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede. I was honored to represent you as Princess and am so grateful for your support.

To the Miss Rodeo Canada Committee and the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association, thank you for your encouragement and friendship. I am truly grateful for the energy and drive you have to enhance the rodeo community and advance the MRC program.

A big-hearted thank you to the MRC sponsors. This opportunity would not be feasible without your endless generosity. You make it it possible to reach out to those who may otherwise not be exposed to rodeo. Your contributions are without a doubt invaluable.

Over the past year I traveled to all four western provides and touched Eastern and Western USA. Thank you to all of the rodeo committees, community organizations, and charity groups that invited me to your events, the wonderful people who hosted me, and to the owners of the horses I had the pleasure to ride.

Being surrounded by the top rodeo athletes in Canada has inspired and encouraged me. I believe that rodeo is a way of life that stands for hard work, determination, strength, struggle and success. Thank you to the rodeo competitors and stock contractors who continue to instill this tradition in generations to come.

As Miss Rodeo Canada, I lend support to many charitable organizations including the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Being the third MRC to serve as spokesperson for the CBCF and with initiatives such as "Touch Enough to Wear Pink" we join in the fight to create a breast cancer free world.

I now pass on the crown to Miss Rodeo Canada 2007. It is up to you to add another page in the history of rodeo. My wish for you is that you take this incredible legacy and live it. Dream big, worry small and this experience will become all you want it to.

As I say farewell, I reflect on the experiences of my reign. I cannot seem to find the words to accurately describe my gratitude for the opportunity. Striding confidently into my future, I know that anything is possible and dreams do come true.

Thanks for the memories!

Aleaha More
Miss Rodeo Canada 2006





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It's quite difficult to choose one or two highlights; the year was filled with so many very unique experiences that each one in itself is incomparable to the next. My most valued aspect of being Miss Rodeo Canada was the countless people I met and having the opportunity to see a glimpse of their life and learning their story. I was fortunate enough to encounter all walks of life in all settings, whether it was inviting me into their home during my stay, a teacher or student at a school visit, a rodeo committee or spectator, community or charity volunteers or rodeo competitors. One memory that is quite predominant in my mind is seeing the expressions and emotions on my parents' faces the night I was crowned. That's a moment I'll never forget and always will cherish.

Where I am today:

Since my reign as Miss Rodeo Canada came to a close in November of 2006, I was able to top off my college degree and obtain my Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communications). I now reside in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan where I work as a graphic designer and continue to ride and train horses. My life today is always changing and evolving. While having found Regina as a home, I have retained the interest to travel. Whether it be a weekend to Edmonton for a show at the Jubilee or a month adventure in Europe, new cultural experiences are my favourite way to revive the appreciation of what life has to offer. In addition to the working life at a fast paced media company, I spend my time enthralled in a long time love of dance, recently becoming addicted to that of Salsa. While the city life has opened several doors for me and brought on a new lifestyle, my number one passion remains consistent and strong. Everywhere I go I take my best four legged friend with me and although I have yet to return to the competition world, I continue to work with young horses with the intention of getting back into that rodeo arena.




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