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Dixie Broadhead

Mary Lynn Cook (Beazer)
Miss Rodeo Canada 1956

Mary Lynn Cook is the 17 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Cook of Cardston, Alberta. Ms. Cook grew up on a ranch south of Cardston. She grew up riding at the age of five when her father presented her with her first horse. Mary Lynn rodeo to school on horseback until she started Grade 11. She often helps her father and brothers work cattle on the ranch.

Her future goals are to take household economics at the University of Alberta and then begin a career in teaching.

Mary Lynn Cook was crowned Miss Rodeo Canada 1956 in July of 1956. She competed against six other ladies for the coveted title.

Frank Shering, Chairman of the Queen Contest was chairman of the crowning ceremonies and called on representatives of various organizations to make presentations.

Exhibition Board President A. W. Shackleford spoke briefly and Herman Linder of Cardston, a director of the International Queen contest in Denver, Colorado, described how the contest came to Canada two years ago.






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Cardston News

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August 2, 1956 - Miss Rodeo Canada - Mary Lynn Cook
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May 30, 1957 - Rodeo Committee to Sponsor Queen Contest
October 31, 1957 - Honor Rodeo Queens


Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine

Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine - February 1, 2008 - 1955-1958 MRC Queens


Dixie Broadhead - Announced as new MRC 1956

This photo was taken when it was announced that Mary Lynn Cook won the title of Miss Rodeo Canada for 1956!


Cardston Parade 1956

Mary Lynn Cook at the Cardston, Alberta Parade - 1957


Chicago International Amphitheatre

1956 Golden Spur Rodeo - Chicago International Amphitheatre - Mary Lynn Cook (Right - Under "5")









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