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Jennifer Bird (Rondeau)
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December 15, 2003 - The Gauntlet - Article - U of C's Miss Rodeo Canada
Winter 2004 - Alpha Gamma Delta - Alpha Gam Crowned Miss Rodeo Canada






This year I have travelled to many new places, had some wonderful adventures and spent time with amazing people. I made over five hundred appearances and attended over a hundred rodeo performances both in Canada and the United States. I am in awe of how rodeo can unite generations and make me feel proud to be Canadian. I believe that the future is bright for rodeo with Miss Rodeo Canada playing a key role as a goodwill ambassador and representative for the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.

I am impressed by the power of community spirit alive in Canadians, and applaud all of the volunteers who have been involved with the rodeo and events I attended this year. I am especially grateful to the hundreds of sponsors who have generously supported the Miss Rodeo Canada pageant, professional rodeo and myself. You are truly the backbone of these organizations and I hope you all know how appreciated you are.

I have been in the unique position to cultivate in the public a lively and enduring interest in rodeo and the spirit of a western lifestyle. I have strived to remain conscientious on what is happening in the world of rodeo, all the while productively inspiring good faith and fellowship in its supporters. I embraced people and I have tried to have the flexibility to provide a well-informed and warm-hearted image to them. To the best of my ability I have acted as a supporter and representative of professional rodeo, trying hard to reign as an intelligent, considerate and gracious woman.

There are standards I strive to epitomize in my life that were instilled in my by my family and reinforced in the rodeo lifestyle I acquired this year. Commitment to a job well done, pride that is quiet, kindness measured in deeds, quitting never an option, finding strength in the Lord, and considering it better to lend a helping hand than to receive one. Being Miss Rodeo Canada is a position of great opportunity to be a positive role model. I have made it my mission this year to embody Proverbs 11:16: "A kind hearted woman gains respect," with the intention to reach people's hearts through kindness, dignity, and high moral standards. I dedicated myself to gaining respect through my actions, not my title.

I faced many challenges this year and always it was a strong sense of self and a fantastic support system that pulled me through. My community, my friends, and mostly my family have backed me every step of the way. My family taught me to work hard, pursue my dreams, and never settle for second best, it is often to them that I attribute my success, for nothing I have accomplished this year would have been possible without them.

This year I have considered it an honour and responsibility to build upon the foundation of our western heritage while protecting the legacy of the title of Miss Rodeo Canada I represent, as well as generating awareness of the benefits rodeo has to offer. I have used my title to foster good citizenship, western hospitality and a commitment to being public spirited. I wish to inspire everyone that it is best to be great at little things, and to believe wholeheartedly that genuine merit will create confidence, confidence will generate enthusiasm, and enthusiasm will conquer the world.

Farewell and God bless!
Jennifer Bird
Miss Rodeo Canada 2004





Jennifer Bird

After my reign as Miss Rodeo Canada in 2004 was over, I returned to the University of Calgary to complete my studies and graduated in June of 2006 with a BA in Law and Society. I plan to continue my education by attending law school in the next few years.

Currently I work for Bennett Jones LLP in Calgary as a Corporate Resource Assistant. My boyfriend Patrick and I just bought a condo in beautiful inner city Calgary and are keeping busy "setting up house." In my spare time, I stay active by spending time with friends and my Alpha Gamma Delta alumni chapter and getting outdoors to garden, golf, camp, walk the Bow River and work at the family farm.









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