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Alumni with MRC 2014 Contestants

[Miss Rodeo Canada Alumni at the 2016 Alumni Brunch - Photo courtesy of Nicole Marie Photography]

Our Canadian Alumni have worked and volunteered many hours spreading our western heritage traditions. A few of our Alumni still contribute and are members of the MRC organization. Since 1955, the sport of rodeo has been proudly represented across the country and around the world by the First Lady of Rodeo - Miss Rodeo Canada. Today, Miss Rodeo Canada Alumni include Canadian champion horsewomen, community leaders and inductees into the Rodeo Hall of Fame. Continuing on with the organization, our MRC Alumni have provided valuable input in making the organization what it is today. We wish to thank our special ladies of the rodeo!


MRC Alumni also volunteer in the community. They are happy to put on their hats (or wedding dresses) to help out, such as the With this Ring bridal gala in Red Deer, Alberta! View some Facebook Photos.

Help us build on this website. The Miss Rodeo Canada organization is pleased to announce the new Spotlight on our Miss Rodeo Queen alumni page. Contact Sheona Lucas to set up your interview! We will be featuring articles on our Spotlight page as they are submitted!




Miss Rodeo Canada Spotlight!

The Miss Rodeo Canada organization will be featuring articles on our past Miss Rodeo Canada ladies. Have you ever wondered what fashions were in style? What they did during their reign? Who they met, where they went? Be sure to visit our Spotlight page!

Featured videos of MRC alumni:



Miss Rodeo Canada Alumni
1955 - 2015

2016 Samantha Stokes 2015 Katy Lucas
2014 Nicole Briggs 1992 Deedra Lybbert
2013 Gillian Shields 1992 * Angie Lundgren (Princess)
2012 Arleta Bowhay (Thiessen)  1991 Trisha Kostelansky (Seitz)
2011 Kezia Morrison (Grams)  1990 Rhonda Hartman (Miller)
2011 * Kirsten Braumandl (Johnson)l (Princess)  1989 Stacey Soffel
2010 Britteny Foster (Smar)  1988 Cheryl Robson (Daines)
2010 * Dana Hansen (Zannis) (Princess)  1987 Kelly Fredell
 2009 Aaron Courchesne (Lucas)  1986 Shelley Sodero (Chomistek)
 2009 * Tara Slade (Princess)  1985 Dawn Abbey (Gingerich)
 2008 Jenna Berreth (Verhun)  1984 Susan Hargrave
 2007 Tara Sergerie  1983 Kathy Cornelson (Rumford)
 2006 Aleaha More  1982 Susan Gittens (Killam)
 2005 Christa Lawrence (Needham)  1981 Joan Pardell
 2004 Jennifer Bird (Rondeau)  1980 Joanne Riou
 2003 Shannon McCarthy  1979 Eileen Djuff
 2002 Shereen Ziegler (Cameron)  1978 Marianne Cole
 2001 Andrea Johnston (Slofstra)  1977 Merry Ann Reed (Stoney)
 2000 Sheila Taylor (Walker)  1976 Shelly (Sis) Thacker (Bjarnason)
 1999 Karina Tees (Geleynse)  1975 Jerri Duce (Phillips)
 1998 Brook Robertson  1961-1974 MRC Hiatus
 1997 Jody Bougerolle (Brisebois)  1960 Kaye Thierman (Haraga)
 1996 Erin Moore (Geymonat)  1959 Phyllis Backs (Dahl)
 1995 Susie Turton (Young)  1958 Joanne Sharples (Perlich)
 1994 Wendi Lund (Paget)  1957 Dixie Forsyth (Broadhead)
 1993 Dode Minor (Sears)  1956 Mary Lynn Cook (Beazer)
1993 * Tanya Vair (Hines) (Princess)  1955 Connie Ivins (Robinson)


Second Annual Alumni Brunch - November 12, 2016

Photos from the 3rd Annual Miss Rodeo Canada Alumni Brunch are available on-line. Photos are courtesy of Nicole Marie Photography. The 3rd Annual Alumni luncheon was a huge success! Thank you to the Chateau Lacombe Hotel for hosting the event. Congratulations to Brook Robertson for receiving the 2016 CPRA Cowgirl of the Year Award and to Shereen Cameron for the Canadian Cowgirl Achievement Award.

The Miss Rodeo Canada alumni created a video on a few of its remarkable alumni: Merry Ann Reed (Stoney), Shelley Sodero (Chomistek), Cheryl Robson (Daines), Rhonda Hartman (Miller), Trisha Kostelansky (Seitz), Dode Minor (Sears), Brook Robertson, Karina Tees (Geleynse), Sheila Taylor (Walker), Andrea Johnston (Sloftsra), Shereen Ziegler (Cameron), Shannon McCarthy, Jennifer Bird (Rondeau), Tara Sergerie, Jenna Berreth (Verhun), Britteny Foster (Smar), Kezia Morrison (Grams), Arleta Bowhay (Thiessen), Gillian Shields, and Katy Lucas. Watch the video here.

The 2md Annual Miss Rodeo Canada Alunni Brunch was held on November 13, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. at the Chateau Lacombe Hotel. Videos of the first Miss Rodeo Canada crowned (Connie Ivins), along with other past Miss Rodeo Canada's were spotlighted at this event! Lori Shuland was presented wioth the Canadian Cowgirl Achievement Award in honor of her work as President of the Miss Rodeo Canada Board.

Miss Rodeo Canada 2015, Katy Lucas, was presented an Alumni Ring in recognition of her year of service to the Miss Rodeo Canada organization and for her future membership in the Miss Rodeo Canada Alumni Organization.




First Annual Alumni Brunch - November 8, 2014

A wonderful time was had by all at the Alumni 60th Anniversary Brunch held on Saturday, November 8th, 2014.

Attendees were presented with a fabulous fashion show of past and present Miss Rodeo Canada outfits worn throughout the years -- from gowns to rodeo shirts and a lot of chaps! On display were crowns, albums, photographs and memorabilia.

Alumni Coordinaor, Shereen Cameron Ziegler, presented Miss Rodeo Canada 2014, Nicole Briggs, with her Miss Rodeo Canada alumni ring. A special ring is presented by the Miss Rodeo Canada organization to each of our Miss Rodeo Canada ladies at the end of their reign.

Pat Buckler, a long time volunteer with the Miss Rodeo Canada organization for over 30 years, was presented a special buckle in honor of her years of service. Gillian Shields presented Ms. Buckler with the "Canadian Cowgirl Achievement Award" award.

Photo Gallery of the Luncheon


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